Cell #: 208.917.3502

Email: murwin@buyidahorealestate.com

Marty Urwin is a real estate agent - a leading producer with the Hughes Real Estate Group of Silvercreek Realty Group. Born and raised in Idaho, Marty has been diligently investing in residential real estate - both to flip homes and acquire residential rental property in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Idaho for nearly 20 years now. Having numerous personal transactions under his belt; as a buyer, seller and agent; his wealth of wisdom + ability to identify the best available properties is of tremendous value to you.

Marty prides himself on being a man of great character and integrity. His goal will always be to provide a quality customer service experience that is rooted in trustworthy communication from the very start. He surely has high hopes to assist you with the buying and selling of real estate property, but Marty’s highest hope is that authentic, longstanding relationship will be the greater exchange within every real estate transaction.

Marty enjoys mountain biking until the snow begins to fall and snowboarding until it begins to melt. And in his own words, “If you’re ever planning to get out and do either of these, hit me up…like for real. We’ll go enjoy the mountains together.” You see? It’s really very simple. If you plan to buy or sell a home, mountain bike or snowboard, Marty Urwin is ready to give you his undivided attention. That’s a promise. :)

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