Joining a Team While Keeping Your Autonomy

Kevin Hughes
Founder, President

When I first considered real estate as a career, I was most excited about the entrepreneurial aspect of the industry. The Hughes Group has a strong foundation and history of supporting entrepreneurialism and independent thinking.

Our team greatly respects and encourages independent business people... entrepreneurs… who are using our resources to build or scale up their own businesses more quickly than they could on their own.

On our team, you run your business the way you want to... you get all the credit for your own success- you’ve earned that... and we support you every step of the way. We don’t even have meetings- we actually have collaborative sessions which are completely optional and designed simply to facilitate top producer discussions.

Our team members are exceptional, experienced and capable entrepreneurs who call their own shots. If you want to run your own business but maybe don’t have the lead generation, marketing team, tech capability, TC team and staffing to support that effort... let’s talk. We have opportunities to share which can fuel the growth of your business.