Balancing Your Time

Kevin Hughes
Founder, President

In the real estate industry, our income is directly proportional to how efficiently we utilize our time.

The greatest positive impact in growing our individual business and our sales comes from using our time productively. We’ve all heard of the 80-20 rule, but we’re all human also. Many hours and days tend to be spent on tasks that are routine rather than on the pivotal items which move our business and sales forward in a significant way.

Our written business plan should drill down to the specific daily tasks that need to be accomplished consistently to arrive at our objectives/goals.

Your time becomes even more valuable and your income increases when you are intentional about how you are choosing to spend your time... each hour and each day. Successful real estate business people will analyze how they spend their time… then adjust their efforts towards the tasks that most directly impact the accomplishment of their goals.

Katrina Wehr
Associate Broker, Director of Operations

The first step to efficiently managing your time is knowing how you’re spending it. What you do each and every day has a compounding effect on your productivity.

So how do you manage your time better? Start by doing a time audit. You must first know how you’re spending your time. Start each day with a To-Do list and prioritize each item. Know which items are best to be delegated. Never procrastinate the difficult tasks or the ones you just don’t enjoy. Typically those are the types of things that have a greater return on investment.

In the real estate industry, some of the tasks people enjoy the least are the ones that lead to appointments with future clients. The last ones we should be putting off. Lead generating tasks can at times seem daunting and not very fun. Find a way to overcome this mindset if you want to achieve consistent results and success in this business. Maybe it’s a scheduled reward or just maybe after a time of repeated success, you’ll see the benefits of your business becoming more stable and profitable!

If you are in search of the elusive work-life balance, invest in conducting a time audit and then implement the strategies that will enhance your productivity. Commit to your goals and to the process that will help you garner the success you desire!