Being Kind Can Have Great Rewards

Kevin Hughes
Founder, President

Being kind may be the greatest gift you can share with someone these days.

In a world of increasing complexities, depersonalized communications and even remote operations, some folks are missing the human connections that are the foundation of our service oriented real estate industry.

The pressure on consumers and agents to simply find a home in these market conditions can cause frayed nerves and frustration. Your most powerful characteristic during this time period might just be your positive attitude and willingness to listen and be empathetic toward consumers, customers and colleagues.

Who are the agents you admire and prefer to work with? Oftentimes, we seek out colleagues who are pleasant, enthusiastic and supportive. A few kind words, a smile or a nice gesture might well be remembered for years.

We’re fortunate to be in an industry that continues to thrive when many businesses and people across the U.S. are struggling. Appreciating our industry and colleagues provides each of us an opportunity every day to make a long lasting positive impression in the easiest possible way… simply by being kind :-)