Balancing Growth and Balance

Kevin Hughes
Founder, President

Have you experienced any business challenges in the past few months?

The real estate industry often seems like a never ending roller coaster of challenges and opportunities... and sometimes both are occurring at the same time!

The difference between average and excellence in our industry oftentimes comes from business planning which results in well thought out consistent activities year round.

Right now, some agents are getting worried about more and more agent competition each month, slowing sphere sales from local buyers and sellers & the low inventory market conditions shaping up for 2021.

The most successful agents and teams will simply be making fact based adjustments to their written business plan for 2021... and collaborating with colleagues on their team for more great ideas on how to succeed in a low inventory market environment.

Business planning, working on multiple business channels and consistent activities year round result in both short term and long term sales success, peace of mind and a fulfilling career.

Katrina Wehr
Associate Broker, Director of Operations

Good intentions are merely just that, good intentions. Your business deserves more than good intentions. And yes, as an independent contractor in real estate sales you are running a business. So as CEO of your company do you have a plan in place for 2021? If not, I would encourage you to start putting pen to paper.

Last week a group of us here at the office met after work and created our vision boards. Our actual business plans have been in place for a while, but having that visual piece to remind us of our bigger objectives for 2021 is an important element to ensure our success. Spending time with each other collaborating and planning 2021 was super beneficial.

Business planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Having a plan in place gives you guide posts throughout the year and helps you recognize when you have strayed off course. Don’t wait for next Fall to come and then realize you are not going to meet your goals and then not have enough time left in the year to make the necessary corrections. Happy planning and don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like a one-on-one coaching session on pre-business planning via Zoom. I’m always happy to help!