• 2021 — Hughes Group Team tops $360MM in production
  • 2020 — 10 Hughes Group team members top $10MM in production
  • 2019 — Started satellite operations for East Idaho
  • 2018 — First topped $200MM in production
  • 2015 — Relaunched BuyBoiseRealEstate.com & quickly emerged as a market leading web platform
  • 2014 — BuyIdahoNewHomes.com first went live
  • 2013 — Moved Hughes Group Headquarters to Silvercreek’s Eagle Office
  • 2012 — Started working with Silvercreek Realty Group
  • 2009 — Established itself as Idaho's #1 Home Selling Team (2009-to current)
  • 2005 — BuyIdahoRealEstate.com first went live
  • 2002 — Start Packing Inc. first became a corporation
  • 1999 — StartPackingIdaho.com first went live

Over the past decade, outside observers may have reached a conclusion that our team has evolved into a group of like-minded, high performance real estate agents. Perhaps, but most importantly from a behind the scenes perspective... every day I see individual team agents & staff go above and beyond to help new team members & colleagues excel at what they do. I am consistently impressed by the selfless generosity of our agents in sharing time, knowledge, and even leads & prospects with other HREG team members.

The most significant accomplishment I have seen from the team’s evolution is our culture of excellence, sharing, and the focus on providing an awesome customer experience. We’ve sold a few homes along the way, but I am most proud of the 1,600+ outstanding reviews from HREG clients who can’t say enough about how great their real estate experience was with their Hughes Group team agent.

The future is looking very bright for our team members as we continue to grow our infrastructure and expand upon the wide variety of industry leading resources we provide to our team members.

- Kevin Hughes
Founder, President


Hughes Real Estate Group is a company focused on providing the resources necessary for scaling a more consistent, dependable, and long term business within the real estate industry.


Too many agents spend the better part of their careers wearing all of the different ‘hats’ within their individual business that ultimately limit their opportunities and growth.

Individual agents are oftentimes responsible for every day-to-day operation within their business. From putting together marketing campaigns, providing customer service to clients, showing properties, writing offers, and showing up at the closing table, agents bear a lot of responsibilities that directly impact the results of their business. How is an agent supposed to grow that business into one that works for them and provides the lifestyle they want to live, if they are wearing all the ‘hats’ themselves?

Think of any successful business outside of real estate (i.e. restaurants, retail stores, etc). Do you think the owner would be responsible for fulfilling all of the roles in that business? If the owners of those successful companies are sick, or go on vacation, does their business stop or shut down? Most successful businesses reach a point in time where they require more than one person in order to be consistent, dependable, and achieve greater success.


Our company provides the resources that allow our team members to succeed without being limited by how many hours they have in a day.

We view each of the resources that we provide as optional ‘building blocks’ our team members can utilize, depending on the needs of their business.