Filling Your Pipeline With Leads

Kevin Hughes
Founder, President

When we started working hands-on with web development and design 20 years ago it established our team in a leadership position online in Idaho. That online visibility, knowledge & experience continues to greatly benefit our team members today.

Our in-house capabilities with web development, SEO, ad campaign management & efficient lead generation provide greater visibility and a higher quantity of quality leads for our team members.

Hughes Group team members are provided with a consistent year round source of business that includes prospects across all price ranges.

Our prospects also come from all areas of the country which greatly helps our team members in current market conditions as many local buyers and sellers are not as active right now.

With multiple strong channels of business operating year round, we have enjoyed an abundance of incoming prospects through-out the great recession and even more so in today’s fast paced market conditions.

We are currently looking for several additional team members who are interested in transitioning to a high volume real estate business and working in a culture of excellence with our nationally ranked team of top producing real estate professionals.

Katrina Wehr
Associate Broker, Director of Operations

Do you ever feel like your business is like sitting front row on a roller coaster? I know some roller coaster rides are fun, but when it involves how I make a living it’s not really exciting to me. Having a consistent stream of opportunities coming my way certainly gives me a higher probability of eliminating the ups and downs a lot of real estate careers experience.

I really enjoy helping my sphere of influence buy and sell homes, but I can’t depend on that pipeline 100% of the time to sustain my business. Depending solely on my sphere adds a level of stress to my day to day work life because I know it’s what creates the ups and downs. I have learned over the years in order to have a successful and healthy business I really need to have multiple ways of generating business adding to my bottom line.

The other lesson I’ve learned is that bringing additional leads to my database is not as easy as it sounds. Working with a team that has mastered online lead generation has been life altering. Having a steady stream of leads creates an abundance of opportunities. Having lots of opportunities has created a business that has fewer lows and more consistent production. Filling your pipeline with leads is the key to success.