When starting your business with Hughes Real Estate Group, our objective is to assist you in achieving the fastest, most seamless, start-up possible. The following items are what we are committed to offering & assisting you with as you make the transition with your business.


Start-up Resources

  • Provided/Paid by the Hughes Group
  • No-hassle license transfer process
  • New professional head-shot
  • New business cards
  • Lock-boxes and signs, available to check-out
  • Professional name tag
  • Receive in-depth training on our systems, as well as individual department orientations with our Tech, Marketing, Accounting, & Transaction coordination department as early as day one

***If you currently have pending transactions under contract, those transactions will be excluded from our split & added to your initial on-boarding paperwork. For agents with an active listing with their current brokerage, we will also offer to pick up the cost of your listing transfer fee.



Our aim is to fill your business pipeline as soon as possible to insure the fastest start-up possible for your business. In order to do so, we are prepared to power-up your business with the following resources.

  • Start doing business with Hughes Group prospects by the end of day 2 of orientation & training process
  • Receive 300 team generated prospects in your first three months (100 prospects/month)
  • Team provided customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Receive personally branded marketing materials, in both print & digital format, to accelerate your business
  • Team provided closing gifts for your first 5 closings with the team. After your first five closings, any team provided closing gifts would be available at cost.
  • Initial tech-consultation with one of our in-house technology specialists.
  • Social media marketing boost, including personal branding & scenic Idaho cover photos.
  • Optional, free transaction coordination (TC) services within your first 90 days with the team.
  • Work stations equipped with high-end equipment & technology available for use throughout our office.
  • Access to free training, mentoring, and coaching from at least 3 team coaches on subjects such as:
  • Business planning for scaling your business. We will help you map out how to reach your sales/business objectives through effective business planning. We have worked with agents to help them go from $5 MM - $10 MM in production, & $10 MM - $15+ MM in production utilizing Hughes Group resources.
  • Overcoming objections on the phone and in sales.
  • Prospecting follow-up:
    1. Out-reach calls
    2. Scripting (as needed)
    3. Database & Business efficiencies
  • Access for up to five hours of admin hours from one of our Inside Sales Representatives to assist & help mentor on best practices for follow-up with online leads & database management. One of our ISR’s would be able to make outbound calls to leads, while having you shadow them to help with call techniques & database management tips and tricks.
  • Free, personally branded, scenic Idaho calendar directly mailed to your sphere of influence.
  • For agents interested in ramping-up their business as fast as possible, we offer a 60 day ramp-up plan designed to help keep you on track with the daily objectives needed to get your business off the ground & experience results as soon as possible.

Are there any additional items that would be important to the success of your business’ start-up with the team? If so, we would love to talk with you about the specific needs of your business!