Filling Your Pipeline With Sphere Business

Kevin Hughes
Founder, President

Oftentimes, agents interested in joining the Hughes Group are surprised to learn that, beyond our internet lead generation efforts, we also sell hundreds of homes each year with our sphere program.

Approximately 8 years ago our marketing team created an “autopilot” and comprehensive sphere program with numerous warm and friendly “touches” going out consistently all year long for our team members.

From postcards to pumpkin pies, our sphere program makes a strong impression on past clients. Our agents get all the visibility and credit for a job well done and for staying in touch.

Hughes Group sphere items are branded for each team member agent to direct attention and responses to the individual agent. We regularly add new sphere items and create fresh presentations and content to keep our sphere program going strong.

The objective of our “autopilot” sphere is to significantly increase each agent's sales from their sphere at no cost and with minimal time required from Hughes Group team agents.

Katrina Wehr
Associate Broker, Director of Operations

After being in real estate for more than 20 years I have developed multiple conduits of business. One of the most rewarding areas of my business is serving repeat clients, friends and family (also known as my Sphere). While my sphere of influence is not my only source of real estate business it is very humbling to be chosen by one of them to assist with their real estate needs. I never want to let any of them down and most of all I have a lot of fun while helping them.

I don’t care to be the type of friend that talks about my business when I’m out having fun or just hanging out.I don’t want people to ever think that I only care about business, their relationships to me are certainly more important. So I really need to rely on a consistent marketing method to do the business talking for me. And it works!

Having a team with a marketing department that is always working up mailers, postcards, pop bys and events that I benefit from is incredibly important. I just wouldn’t have the time and let’s be honest, nor the talent, to be my own graphic designer. Having a program in place for me that is simple to use and provides constant touches to the people who already know me, love me and trust me is simply invaluable! My marketing team at The Hughes Group takes my business to another level!