Our team has accomplished something rarely seen in the real estate industry; a completely cooperative and sharing team of experienced, innovative, skilled, and very successful individuals. Our team members combine their talents on a daily basis to consistently produce top of the line work and excel in industry productivity standards.

Hughes Real Estate Group has 6 expert employees here to support you and your business! We provide in-house transaction coordination, licensed administrative support, and a team of marketing & technology specialists. What does this mean for agents affiliated with our team? The opportunity for amazing leverage without the worry of managing salary overhead.



I have been with the Hughes Group for over 10 years now! Even though my business has grown every year, Kevin and his team are still striving to help my business grow even more. In fact, it’s not just Kevin and the support staff. Rubbing shoulders with some of the top agents in the industry that are currently on the team pushes me to raise my business to the next level, and encourages me to give back to those who are just starting out. While the technology and systems are second to none, I think the real key to the success I have experienced here has been the partnership of like minded business owners who think outside the box and encourage each other to be at the top of their game.

- Dave Anderson
Start Date: October 2009


When I was evaluating whether the Hughes Group’s non-traditional RE business model was a good fit for me, it was a grinding decision but short lived. When I thought about it, it really was a no-brainer and has proven to be very productive, and right fit for me. The internet is essential to the real estate industry. I no longer have to prospect for my next lead or opportunity. With the help of the Hughes Group’s technology and web development team, my business grows stronger each day.

- Patrick McChristy
Start Date: November 2015


As I was working on my business plan in 2015, I realized that so much business and house hunting is done online. That means that I needed a very large internet presence to capture some of that business. I had a small website that had not generated a single lead for me in 3 years. I knew that I needed to make a change, so I contacted the Hughes Group, who has the most prominent websites and lead generation systems available. One benefit that I didn’t realize I would enjoy is being part of a team. I do better as an agent, as a business owner, and as a person being a part of something bigger than myself.

- Maria Poisall
Start Date: November 2015


In Real Estate you have to create opportunities in order to be successful. If you are not communicating with people everyday you will not be successful. I put Hughes Group to the test and found that the systems I am able to use provide me with new opportunities everyday. The tools that they provide allow me to streamline my efficiency to be able to convert those opportunities into sales. Kevin Hughes and the staff will go above and beyond to make sure I have what I need to succeed.

- Daryl Smith
Start Date: April 2010


Not only is the marketing exceptional, but the tech and transaction teams are mind blowing at the level they do things and are always there when you need. One other bonus was once I joined, I was greeted with open arms and a warmness that “teams” just don’t have. The Hughes Group feels like a family because every team member wants the other to achieve the very best they can.

- Creta Larsen
Start Date: September 2019