Working “on” Your Business Instead of “in” Your Business

Kevin Hughes
Founder, President

Are agents today spending their time growing a more lucrative business or just scrambling trying to get the next offer accepted?

How do they do it in this market?… I hear people ask as our team surpassed 200 sales by February 2 in these low inventory conditions of early 2021.

120 hours of help every… single... day. Simply put, we have a strong back office team of intelligent, high energy and talented individuals supporting our efforts in all facets of running a successful business.

Expert & specialized staffing combined with our team systems, programs and a substantial marketing infrastructure allows our team members to focus their time and efforts on selling more homes.

If you would prefer to be an entrepreneur working on your business rather than grind it out another year working in your business, maybe we should talk?

We have the resources, you have the entrepreneurial spirit… let's work together!

Katrina Wehr
Associate Broker, Director of Operations

When you clock in every morning (on your hypothetical time clock) is your time being focused on the tasks that directly result in your real estate sales? Or, are you wearing the many different hats it takes to be a successful real estate business owner?

If all of the daily tasks revolve around you, it really isn’t a true business in the sense that it isn’t a scalable business. You can only do so much in 24 hours a day! It will become increasingly more difficult to increase your sales volume year after year if you are the “everything” to your business. Your time is as precious as your sales volume!

So how do you fix it? Think about all the things you do that truly don’t need your active involvement. Making a feature sheet for a new listing, troubleshooting computer problems, tracking down a signature on an addendum and so much more. Your time should be hyper focused ON the things that create closings! Leveraging those tasks that take you away from the activities that create income for your business and family is the key.

If you are spending too much time IN your business it might be time to consider a team or group that offers the support that enables you to focus ON your business.